Reo Matsumoto


Reo Matsumoto was born on January 24, 1988.
He is a street performer, Beatboxer, Breath Musician.

Reo Matsumoto was born in Tokyo, 1988, and he grew up in Yokohama, Japan.
When he was just 17 he met the “Human Beat box”: it was in 2005. In that moment, the “Human Beat Box” was absolutely nameless. However, in a little pub, he saw a BeatBoxer: it was the very fist time he saw a BeatBox perfomance (live). It’s obvious that, that moment, would be really important for his life. In that moment he tought “let’s start now. I wanna learn!”. At the beginning Reo tried to learn it by his own, trying to imitate sounds from any kind of music.
In 2006 Reo decided to study at the Sugino Fashion Design School. Anyway, he gave up the very next year, because, in that year, he decided to devote himself to only one art: Breath Music. From 2007 to 2009 Reo had 150 performances every year, playing on every kind of stages: Festivals, Live Hoses, Clubs. He did also, in those years, several workshops, giving regular lessons to kids, students, adults.
In 2010 Reo decided to leave Japan: he wanted to travel all over the world, trying do, learn and share music.

Main performances
2006:Saturday Night Flavour Beat Box Match at Tokyo [winner]
2007:Human Beat Box 2007 Final at Osaka [2nd prize]
2009:Most Biggest Human Beat Box Battle 2009 at Osaka [2nd prize]
2009:UK HUMAN BEAT BOX CONVENTION(BOXCON2009) at LONDON. Performance at Show Case Category[by Humanism]
2009:WORLD BEATBOX CHAMPIONSHIP2009 at Berlin. Performance at Show Case
Category[by Humanism]
2009:Human Beat Box Tournament 2009 at Tokyo [2nd prize]
2009:Ultra in Out Beat Box Battle Team Battle in Osaka. Entry by Humanism [2nd prize]
2010:Japan Beat Box Championship 2010 at Tokyo, Entry at Team Battle Contest by Humanism
[1st prize]
2011:Japan Beat Box Championship2010 at Tokyo, Entry at Team Battle Contest by Humanism [2nd prize]
2012:WORLD BEAT BOX CHAMPIONHIP2012 at Berlin. Performance at Show Case Category